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Magic Pen

Magic Pen is so cool. You can use it for secret messages. You can write words with the white pen. When you shade it with any other colour like brown, the secret word will appear. That’s how cool it is.

You can also use it for greetings on special occasions like birthdays, and more. It allows you to draw lines with different colours. You can write the word Happy with the white pen. Then, right below “Happy”, you can write the word “Birthday” with yellow and black pen. You can then stroke thick and thin lines to the word “Birthday”. That creates a very unique effect. How does it sound? Cool, isn’t?

Eraser Pen – Erasable Pen

You can try this. Shade an area with blue, green or any other colour from the eraser set. Write over with white pen. The white pen then erases colour back to colour of the paper under it.

Shade with green, blue or other colour. You can draw a christmas tree, a moon, Merry Chistmas, and snow with the white pen you have. You then shade an area in blue, and colour over with pink and cover pink with green.

Brighten drawing with final coat of yellow over complete picture.

Color Combination

You can draw alternate horizontal lines with yellow using the magic pen and blue or green using the eraser pen, or combination from each set you have. Draw slanting 45’ with pen across the horizonal lines to create a three-dimensional effect. You can then draw a spiral continuous circle with white pen to create very interesting, cool, and magnificent pattern.

Wizard Magic Pens Products

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Magic Pens Start Up Pack

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All 8 Set Magic Pens

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Magic Colour Changers

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Magic Erasables

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Video Liners

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Crazy Stamps

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Split Ends

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Chunky Magic Pen

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