Watch video about the world’s best boomerang, Wicked Booma (also known as Magic Rangs). See how cool it is!

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Wicked Booma has guaranteed return flight. It is made from ‘Memorang’ foam, soft, safe, and easy to throw and catch. It comes with full throwing instructions. It can be tuned for various flights. This is not just for kids but for all ages. It is available in blue, red, and yellow.

Wicked Junior Booma

junior wicked booma

Wicked Junior Booma is made of exactly the same soft foam that is used in Indoor Booma. However it is 2 times as dense for a bigger flight range. Junior wicked booma is perfect for small rooms, lounge rooms, gymnasiums, and the like. This is so far best indoor boomerang that we have. It’s flight ranges from 4 to 6 metres.

Wicked Indoor Booma

wicked indoor booma belpard

Wicked Indoor Booma is a very short range indoor foam boomerang. It is perfect for throwing around bedrooms, offices, or in the classroom if you are allowed to do so. It is not not just for kids, but even for adults. Wicked Indoor Booma flight range is from 1 to 3 metres.

Wicked Outdoor Booma

wicked outdoor booma belpard

Wicked Outdoor Booma is the world’s best sports boomerang. It has the same three-blade design as the indoor versions that we have. It makes them so easy to throw and catch when thrown as per instruction. It is made of a fairly unbreakable elastic polymer. Wicked Outdoor Booma flight range is from 15-20 metres.

Wicked Night Booma

wicked night booma

Wicked Night Booma is the world’s best night boomerang. It is made of unbreakable phrophorescent polymer. It means it glows in the dark. It comes with a chemical glowstick that goes in the center of the boomerang. Purpose is to light it up for night throwing! Wicked Night Booma flight range is from 15 to 20 metres. Free chemical lightsticks are included.

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