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Have you experienced burning, sticking, or making garments shiny while ironing? If yes, then Iron Shield is for you. Learn its features and benefits below.
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Features of Iron Shield

  • Fits any iron – Simply fitting the Iron Shield to your iron as per the enclosed instructions, you are faced with a remarkable product. You can iron any fabric – without ever burning, sticking or making the garment shiny.
  • Prevents Sticking – Most clothes baskets are full with shirts and sweats with molded rubber or plastic transfers. Or have printed images. They can now be ironed without any smudging nor lifting.
  • Prevents Shining – Cords and jeans are challenging to iron but the Iron Shield handles them easily, saving you ironing time.
  • Prevents scorching – Whether it’s nylon, pure silk, parachute silk, taffeta, or terylene, you can now iron on max temperature without ever damaging the fabric.

Watch video below on how you can use and benefit from iron shield.

Iron Shield Video

Video Transcript:

“Could you benefit from something that makes ironing quicker and easier? Then the iron shield is just what you are looking for! When ironing silk, polyester, or any delicate material, the shield prevents burning , scorching, or shining from ever happening again.Plus stains can be on both sides at the same time, because you always iron at the maximum heat setting. Take the hassle out of ironing. With iron shield, nothing sticks to it. You’ll save on ironing time, and your clothes will always look great…”

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