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Buy The Original Australian Leather Seal here: Leather Seal

Leather Seal Features and Benefits

  • Waterproofs – Water is not a problem for The Original Australian Leather Seal. Waterproof your leather and keep it protected.
  • Protects – Protection from the elements – Rain, Wind, Sun and Snow. Also protects your leather from drying or the wear & tear of time.
  • Conditions – Keep your leather clean and healthy for years to come.
  • Rejuvenates – Brings back your old and tired leather to new again!

What is this for?

  • Boots
  • Jackets
  • Gloves
  • Saddlery

The Original Australian Leather Seal

the original australian leather seal 300 x 170

From generation to generation, The Original Australian Leather Seal has been a part of Australian bush culture. It is formulated from the outback’s natural ingredients. It is a very important and useful product to fight the harshest of elements. It includes the winter’s soaking moisture, summer’s drying heat, and many more.

The Original Australian Leather Seal is the most effective and efficient way to keep the natural texture, beauty, and look of leather, canvas and vinyl. Leather seal is not just a conditioner, but it protects and waterproofs any natural skin or hide.

Through sealing the leather and stitching it, the product is perfect for hunters, hikers, fishermen and mostly any outdoor sports people.

Leather seal is use as a saddle treatment. It is second to none leaving no greasy residue. It just leaves a perfect finish.

The Original Australia Leather Seal can also be used on stockman’s jackets, and oilskins to waterproof and restore the leather. It inhibits mould and mildew that normally destroy garments.

Leather seal as a vinyl conditioner that brings car interiors back to the original or showroom condition.

Leather seal is also use as a canvas treatment. It adds years to a tent, horse rug, or annex while it waterproofs packs and boat covers.

From the oldest work boots, or a quality jacket, to an antique chair, your leather deserves it.

Buy Leather Seal

You can buy The Original Australian Leather Seal here: Leather Seal

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